Saturday, March 30, 2013

Banana Nut Pancakes, the Lazy Girl's way

Banana pancakes are good. Nut pancakes are better. When you put them together, they're great. But when you want to enjoy a quiet, lazy Saturday morning, and still make the most of the day, you get this. Banana Nut Pancakes, courtesy of the Lazy Girl (that would be me).

Banana Nut Pancakes

How do I make this happen, you might ask? Start with any pancake batter of your choice. Slice up a ripe banana or two, and find some nuts. Proceed to pop all but half the amount of banana slices in your mouth, then save the rest for your pancakes. (After all, that was the original intent except for the fact that banana slices are so yummy.)

Top each pancake like a pizza with a few banana slices, and a sprinkling of nuts just after you put some batter in the pan. Like so.

Flip and cook as you would normally. 

Easy, caramelized, deliciousness. Genius, no? Drizzle on maple syrup. Or don't...feel free to be boring like that. Enjoy!