Monday, July 1, 2013

Yellow Beets, & Yellow Beet Risotto

I found some bright, delicious-looking organic Yellow Beets at the farmer's market on Saturday. Gorgeous, huh?  I've been in a risotto sort of mood lately, so, despite the 90-degree weather Seattle has been experiencing this week, I decided to turn on the stove and make a yellow beet risotto.

Yellow Beet Risotto

Boy, am I glad I did. I used my basic risotto recipe, using red onion instead of white and skipping the garlic and wine (you don't need them here!), and substituted the yellow beets plus their chopped up greens in place of whatever veggies I would normally use. A splash of balsamic vinegar, and a sprinkling of goat cheese added the final touches and kicked it up a notch! It was the perfect dinner on a warm summer evening. It tasted like summer, and was just oh-so-yummy!

Yellow beets - I will definitely be cooking with you again.  

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