Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pork and Vegetable Shumai

After three days of Kulfi vegetables are not only desired, but necessary! So I will be writing about, and eating vegetables quite a bit over the coming days. Hold me accountable, people!

I was at the Asian store yesterday (the bulk shopping day!) and stocked up on spring roll skins. I love these because they are incredibly versatile as far as Asian food goes (I will be making Summer Rolls later this weekend, which are basically Spring rolls that are not fried!). I made Pork and Vegetable Shumai last night, the ultimate in Dim Sum fare, and it was delicious.

How yummy does this look?

Five or six of these dumplings are enough to fill you as a meal does. And, they are so easy to put together. You can use pretty much anything for the filling! It really is all about whatever vegetables you have leftover in the fridge, balanced with the right Asian ingredients. I used shredded carrots, lettuce, green onions, ground pork, green chillies, a bit of garlic and ginger, some cilantro, lime juice and a dash of soy sauce (for salt and flavor!). Just mix it all together in the food processor (yes, it is that easy), and add two egg-whites to bind it together. Shumai filling ready! Pretty healthy too with all those veggies, right? Oh, and you can make this filling a day ahead of time! Just store it in the refrigerator covered tightly. Then, all you do is fill the skins with about a spoonful of filling each, steam the Shumai for about 12 minutes, and serve. Pair it with any Asian dipping sauce. Enjoy!

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